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Characteristics Test Method Specifications
Robustness of Terminations (Tensile)
After gradually applying the force specified below and keeping the unit fixed for ten seconds, the terminal shall be visually examined for any damage.
Terminal diameter Force
ø0.6mm 9.8N(1.0kgf)
ø0.8mm 9.8N(1.0kgf)
ø1.0mm 19.6N(2.0kgf)
No outstanding damage
Robustness of Terminations(Bending)
The unit shall be secured with its terminal kept vertical and the force specified below be applied in the axial direction. The terminal shall gradually be bent by 90o in one direction, then 90o in the opposite direction , and again back to the original position. The damage of the terminal shall be visually examined.
Terminal diameter Force
ø0.6mm 4.9N(0.5kgf)
ø0.8mm 4.9N(0.5kgf)
ø1.0mm 9.8N(1.0kgf)
Vibration After repeatedly applying a single harmonic vibration (amplitued: 0.75mm): double amplitude: 1.5mm with 1 minute vibration frequency cycles (10Hz to 55Hz to 10Hz) to each of three perpendicular directions for 2 hours. Thereafter, the unit shall be visually examined.
Solderability After dipping the terminals to a depth of approximately 3mm from the body in a soldering bath of 235 ± 5 oC for 2 ± 0.5 seconds, the terminal shall be visually examined. Approximated 95% of the terminals shall be covered with solder uniformly.
Resistance to Soldering Heat After ecah lead shall be dipped into a solder bath having a temperature 260± 5 oC to a point 2.0 to 2.5mm from the body of the unit, using shielding board (t=1.5mm), be held there for specified time (5 series:5± 1s and others: 10 ±1s), and then be stored at room temperature and humidity for 1 to 2 hours. The change of Vc and mechanical damages are examined. VcmA/VcmA  ±5% No outstanding damage



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